Smart Catalonia Challenge

3rd prize 2022
Crononautes, Navegants del Temps

Premis GamingCat

Millor videojoc en català 2020
Dràcula, Rastre de Sang  

MedGaims’ Hackathon

Winner 2020 as dev members of Seventh Book

Premi TICAnoia

Implantació de les eines TIC 2018 per l’app
HOAX Our Right to Hope

Pocket Gamer

Silver Award 2017 for
The Frankenstein Wars

ePrizes book digital innovation

Nominee 2016 for
The Frankenstein Wars

FutureBook Awards

Nominee 2016 in Adult digital book of the year for
Heavy Metal Thunder – The Interactive SciFi Gamebook

Pocket Gamer

Bronze Award 2016 for
Deadman Diaries

Premio EmprendeLibro

Premio a la Innovación Editorial 2016


First prize 2015 for
Agbar – the Water Temple

Pocket Gamer

Silver Award 2015 for
Sol Invictus

Pocket Gamer

Best iOS Game January 2015 for
Sol Invictus

Apple AppStore

Top 1 Role&Venture 2015 for
he Sinister Fairground

App Apes Indie Game Developers

Listed as Greatest Indie Game Developers 2014

Pocket Gamer

Bronze Award 2014 for Necklace of Skulls
Silver Award 2014 for Heavy Metal Thunder