Land of Castles: The board game

Boardgame design

Land of Castles is a game of conquest and resource management
in the frontier land of medieval Catalonia.

A fight for survival, progress… and power.

It is the year 1000. Famine and war shake the inhabitants of the Spanish Marche. The power of the counts has united the cross and the sword to face the caliphate of Córdoba. The lands of what is now central Catalonia are a battlefield, a vesper of castles and fortresses.

As the feudal nobles that you are, you must cultivate the land, increase your wealth, and wage war to increase your domains. You will forge alliances and gather wills from different lineages to satisfy your ambition for power.

But it is a very dangerous game, and while some achieve glory others will sink into the mire. What destiny will you forge?