The Biodiversity Challenge

Design & Development of a Game Based Learning experience
in the world of Minecraft

Players can explore the ‘Museu de les Aigües’ surroundings and learn the key concepts about biodiversity while they are meeting and helping new friends to restore the natural area.

We face two major environmental challenges: the climate change and the loss of biodiversity. That is, the loss of species and habitats. Both have consequences for the water cycle and human well-being. That’s why we need you!

Play with us and build an action plan to promote the biodiversity!

Three main missions

Can you build an insect hotel? Can you create a naturalized pond? Can you improve certain processes using sheeps?

45 min. experience

Time flies when you’re having fun! But you can split the whole activity in 3 sessions.

The power of a videogame like Minecraft to engage young audiences. The best tool to boost children creativity and improve the learning process.